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Care Advocacy:
Helping our clients advocate for the optimal care of nursing-home residents.

Our Assessment & Advocacy Process

The Care Advocacy geriatric-care professionals will listen to the issues and challenges faced by a nursing-home resident, and recommend a course of action with as-needed follow-up conversations and adjustments.

A three-hour consult package: This is best for people facing a single, urgent problem with a residentÕs care. This offering provides two phone-based appointments with one of our experienced health-care advocates, and serves as a shot-in-the-arm for someone at the end of a rope. This package costs $450.

A six-hour consult package: This option will better serve a responsible party or guardian who faces many concerns about an elderÕs nursing-home facility, or problems with a nursing-home residentÕs behavior. This consult package involves multiple phone conversations, and might also involve conversations between our professionals and the staff at the nursing home. This package costs $800, which is the equivalent of getting the sixth hour of service for free.

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