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happier parent, happier childDonna lives in California and her sister Jen lives in eastern Pennsylvania; their mother is in a nursing home in New Jersey. Whenever they visit Mom, she seems depressed and untidy, and the nurse's aids are gruff with her. Donna and Jen are concerned about Mom’s quality of care, but don’t know what they can do from so far away, and with no medical background of their own.

Attorney Parks is the guardian of Beatrice, a long-time client now living in a nursing home. The attorney wants the best for Beatrice, but finds it increasingly difficult to offer the meticulous monitoring required for this ward, and wants to partner with another professional who can devote the necessary time to ensure that Beatrice receives exemplary care.

Michael is a nursing-home resident with dementia. His son is uncomfortable with the complexity of the questions he’s being asked by the nursing-home staff, and he’s unclear about the recommendations and measures he’s being asked to authorize by the nursing home staff. In the meanwhile, he is called regularly about his dad’s behavioral concerns.

Care Advocacy offers phone consultations and professional referrals that help our clients to solve and ease these, and other, issues that are often inherent in nursing-home care.

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